St. Just Art and Crafts Exhibition

I recently produced some paintings for St. Just Art and Crafts Exhibition, which is held at Cape Cornwall School.

Exhibition Poster(Designer: Unknown)

When visiting the exhibition, I was struck by the diverse amount of work on show: from ceramic cats, wooden angels and painted pigs to crocheted rugs, fused glass jewellery and driftwood sculptures. There really is something for everyone here.




The great thing is that 30% of the proceeds from all arts and crafts sold go to a worthwhile cause: Cancer Research UK. In fact the exhibition is the biggest fundraiser for Cancer Research UK outside of London. This demonstrates how well attended it is due to the quality and breadth of work on show.




You still have time to visit…

The exhibition runs until 9PM tonight (Thursday 19th August) and from 10AM to 5PM tomorrow (Friday 20th August).

It’s well worth your time and for a great cause.

Look out for my next post where I will show you the work I exhibited here.

As always, thanks for reading.

Ali x

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