Who am I?

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My name is Alison Pascoe and I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Cornwall, England. I work primarily in gouache (a water based paint). However, I also enjoy experimenting from time to time in pastels and mixed media.

My location, Cornwall offers a rich tapestry of idyllic compositions, as well as interesting, organic relics resting in hedgerows and buried in the sand. I am lucky to live in a county which facilitates traditional painting subjects such as landscapes, flora and fauna and still life which I can fully utilise. I enjoy working with these tried and tested subjects where I mainly focus on gaining a strong composition, and using interesting colour combinations (often working with limited colour palettes).

I am compelled to paint conceptual work also. Topics include; grief, loss, mental health, the human condition and more. I strive to create work that speaks to others and with which they can relate. Although my work is primarily bound up in traditional subjects, my passion and ultimate aim is routed in creating conceptual work.


I have always enjoyed, and had an aptitude for, working in 3-D which leads me to want to investigate this further in the next step of my creative journey. I am currently exploring the possibilities of clay (traditional and polymer) and thread, with the view to make trinkets and jewellery to sell.

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